All our meat is bred and grown on the farm.

We use a small local abattoir for slaughter of Lamb and Pork.

We home slaughter our chickens with a humane device.

All meat is hung in our fridges at Little Detton, then butchered by ourselves in our onsite butchery.

We have a Food Hygiene Rating of 5 from the Food Standards Agency

Lovely Home Bred & Produced


Whole Lamb £120

Half Lamb £65

Quarter Lamb £35

Cuts –

Leg £9.50/Kg

Chump £9.25/Kg

Shoulder £9.00 /Kg

Chops £12.00/Kg

Cubed Lamb £12.50/Kg

Mince £8.50/Kg

Stewing Lamb £5.50/Kg

Boned & Rolled Breast £7.00/Kg

Other cuts to order


Lovely Home Bred & Produced

Free Range Chicken

Whole/Half Chicken £5.50/Kg

Breast £17.50/Kg

Thigh £7.00/Kg

Drumstick £5.70/Kg

Wings £4.85/Kg

Diced £14.94/Kg


01299 513211/07825 030607

Lovely Home Bred & Produced

Rare Breed PORK

Whole Pig £270

Half Pig £150

Cuts –

Chops £10.50 per kilo

Leg bone in £8.50

Leg boned £9.50 per kilo

Shoulder bone in £7.50 per kilo

Shoulder boned £8.50 per kilo

Loin £10.50 per kilo

Belly £7.50 per kilo

Diced Pork £8.50 per kilo

Mince £8.50 per kilo

Sausages (various flavours) £8.50 per kilo


01299 513211/07825 030607