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Our Beef and Lamb are bred and grown on the farm, Pork is reared on the farm from weaners purchased locally.

We use a small local abattoir for slaughter of Lamb and Pork.

Meat chickens are purchased at day old and fattened here at Little Detton as free range birds. We home slaughter our chickens with a humane device.

All Lamb, Pork & Chicken are hung in our fridges at Little Detton, then butchered by ourselves in our onsite butchery.

Beef is butchered by the butchers at the abattoir.

We have a Food Hygiene Rating of 5 from the Food Standards Agency

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Lovely Home Bred & Produced









Whole Lamb £155 

Half Lamb £80

Cuts – 

Leg £12.50/Kg

Shoulder £11.50 /Kg

Chops £15.00/Kg

Cubed Lamb £12.00/Kg

Mince £11.00/Kg

Stewing Lamb £7.50/Kg

Mutton Leg £11.00/Kg

Mutton Shoulder £10.50/Kg

Mutton Chops £13.50/Kg

Cubed Mutton £12.00/Kg

Minced Mutton £11.00/Kg

Other cuts to order

to order phone or email


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Lovely Home Produced

Free Range CHICKEN










Whole/Half Chicken £6.25/kg

Crown £12.50

Breasts £15.50kg

Thighs £10.00/kg

Drumsticks £7.50/kg

Wings £5.50/kg

Diced £15.00/kg





to order please phone or email 07825 030607

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Topside/Silverside £14.00/kg

Brisket/Slow Roast £11.00/kg

Bone In Rib £20.00/kg

Shin Beef £11.00/kg

Mince £11.00/kg

Lovely Home Bred & Produced

Shetland Beef

Fillet Steak £38.00/kg

Sirloin Steak £25.00/kg

Rump Steak £23.00/kg

Braising Steak £13.50/kg

Stewing Steak £13.00/kg

to order please phone or email 07825 030607

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Lovely Home Produced

Rare Breed PORK









Chops £13.00/kg

Leg boned £11.50/kg

Shoulder boned £10.75/kg

Belly £10.50/kg

Diced Pork £11.00/kg

Mince £11.00/kg

Sausages (various flavours)

£10.50 /kg

Home Cured Bacon Unsmoked & Smoked 15.50/kg

Home Cured Ham Joints Unsmoked & Smoked £12.00/kg

Available to order by email or phone



to order please phone or email 07825 030607


 Products can be ordered by email or phone. 07825030607

Local delivery available please inquire.

Free delivery within 10 mile radius for orders over £30

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