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 Rural Experience Retreat Days

Come and take part in rural activities and

experience God in a  different way.


We offer the following activities, all of which we endeavour to do in an organic way -


Ploughing, Cultivating and Harvesting

Using vintage machinery and traditional methods you can have a go at ploughing, rolling, harrowing, seed/potato planting, potato harvesting, hay making, rolling

All according to season and weather.



















































To book to come and try these experiences please email us

Maximum of three people each day.

Activities may vary according to season

and the weather!

Refreshments and lunch proivided as per our Quiet Days



The Tractor - A Fordson Dexta


Cultivating using the harrow to rake out the dead grass and weeds

green woodwork

Rustic Woodwork

Using rustc wood and traditional hand tools you can learn the techniques to be able to make new handles for old tools etc and basic woodcarving.


An opportunity to be creative in three dimensions using wood, metal and stone.


Learn the basic techniques of blacksmithing and take something home that you have made!


Bee Keeping

Come and work alongside us as we look after our bees – learn some of the skills and experience the fascinating way the bees work together.

Subject to season and weather.

seed drill

Seed planting using a seed drill


£60.00 per person to include activity, refreshments and light lunch

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